Beyond The Basics-Preparing For Disaster

The goal in all our planning and preparing for disaster, is to have the least amount of hardships and changes to our lifestyle as possible should a disaster actually happen. Prepping is like insurance. We hope nothing bad will ever happen, but we buy insurance to limit the hardships our family could face if the … Read more Beyond The Basics-Preparing For Disaster

Prepper Essentials

Basic needs for survival

To prepare for a disaster, we must supply these 4 basic needs to stay alive: Air, Shelter, Water and Food. These essential requirements are often referred to as the Survival Rule of 3. Survival Rule of 3 and Survival Priorities You must cover each of these rules in the following order for survival: You can … Read more Prepper Essentials

How To Start Prepping

Starting on the road to prepping for disasters

  We know we want to protect and prepare our families from any emergencies and disasters that may occur, but where so we start? When you think about all the possible emergencies and disasters that are possible, it can be overwhelming to try to think about how to prepare to handle them all. To avoid … Read more How To Start Prepping

Water For Survival

water for survival, finding water

  Having stored water and knowing how to purify water during a time of disaster is an extremely important skill to have for survival. Here’s Why: The human body loses water through breathing, sweating, and waste elimination, so it’s important to replace that water through food and other fluids containing water. Your body uses water … Read more Water For Survival


A wilderness shelter for survival built with branches against a tree.

Shelter: The second rule in the Survival Rules of 3- “You have only about 3 Hours to live Without Shelter For Survival in a harsh environment.” This simply means protecting you, your family, and your possessions from harm at all times. You want your shelter to keep all this safe especially during any emergencies and times … Read more Shelter