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As we travel through life we encounter unexpected inconveniences, dangerous situations, and sometimes even life-threatening emergencies or disasters.

We want to help you be prepared for them

Prepping For Beginners

(Last Updated On: August 31, 2016)

What is a prepper?

When I first heard the term “Prepper”, my thoughts were of the Doomsday Preppers, eccentrics who believed in a coming Apocalypse, a nuclear halocaust, the earth decimated by a coronal mass ejection from the sun or from a direct hit by an asteroid. “Preppers” were those crazy nut-jobs building their bomb shelters or setting up their homes in the abandoned missle silos. Boy, was I misguided!doomsday prepper

Sure, there are some preppers who do go all out and plan for these senarios. They make for some interesting TV programs!

But most preppers are really just persons who wants to take care of themselves and their family during a crisis situation. They are willing to take personal responsibility for learning basic survival skills and obtaining and stocking up on vital items needed during an emergency or disaster situation.  A prepper wants to have that 1st aid kit handy when needed, a fire extinguisher near the kitchen, or some water and tools in the car in case it breaks down on a hot Familyday. A prepper wants to be prepared for those small emergencies or for larger disasters that may occur.

A prepper is really more a lifestyle of simply being prepared than anything else.

Why be a prepper?

We’ve seen from major disasters like Hurricane Katrina, that we can’t depend on FEMA, the Red Cross, or the government to be able to give us the help we need in a timely fashion. Families were without shelter, food, water, fuel for transportation & generators for electricity. Even if they are able to get us assistance, it may be days or weeks before that help arrives. I want to make sure my family never has to have that type of experience.Home ruined by Hurricane Katrina

How to make a disaster plan

This prepping for beginners section is meant to give you a view of the overall picture of a prepping plan.

Let’s start with the basics:

  1. Start with a notebook binder to put your prepper plan together.
  2. List the most likely emergencies and disaster you may face.
  3. Develop a plan to deal with each type of these senarios.
  4. Have a checklist of all items and supplies you need.
  5. Put together a budget and time frame to stock up on these items.
  6. Complete your preparations for the most likely senarios 1st.
  7. Then complete preparations for other disaster that could occur.
  8. Add to your stock pile of supplies to last you for longer time periods. (How long could this disaster situation last?).
  9. Make sure you know how to use all the supplies you have.
  10. Rotate the stock periodically (food, water, medicine, etc.) to keeps things fresh.


This plan will be different for everyone, as each person’s situation is different.

The rest of this Ultimate Prepper Guide website will  help you put these plans together.





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