Our Goal For Ultimate Prepper Guide

As we travel through life we encounter unexpected inconveniences, dangerous situations, and sometimes even life-threatening emergencies or disasters.

We want to help you be prepared for them

Fortify Your Home For Disaster

Your home is your fortress, usually the best place to be during times of disaster. Most of our prepping energy goes into preparing our home for any emergencies or disasters. It is the place where we are best protected and stock up on our emergency supplies. As such, there are many things we need to … Read more


A wilderness shelter for survival built with branches against a tree.

Shelter: The second rule in the Survival Rules of 3- “You have only about 3 Hours to live Without Shelter For Survival in a harsh environment.” This simply means protecting you, your family, and your possessions from harm at all times. You want your shelter to keep all this safe especially during any emergencies and times … Read more