Water Storage And Purification

Water Purification For Survival-Simple Filter & Storage Methods A disaster has happened. You’re still breathing. You’re dry and have found some sort of shelter. What’s next? Water! Remember the “Survival Rules of 3” You can survive for: 3 Minutes without Air 3 Hours without Shelter (in hostile conditions) 3 Days without Water 3 Weeks without … Read more Water Storage And Purification

Prepping For Beginners

What is a prepper? When I first heard the term “Prepper”, my thoughts were of the Doomsday Preppers, eccentrics who believed in a coming Apocalypse, a nuclear halocaust, the earth decimated by a coronal mass ejection from the sun or from a direct hit by an asteroid. “Preppers” were those crazy nut-jobs building their bomb … Read more Prepping For Beginners

Welcome to Ultimate Prepper Guide! I created this website because I was frustrated with what I was finding on the internet when searching for a plan to prepare myself and my family for emergencies and disasters. I found lots of both good and bad information, but I had to keep jumping from website to website … Read more